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      Paper industry in Głuchołazy has rich traditions dating from the XVII century, when the whole Salesia belonged to the Chech Republic which was under the rule of

     After 1 may 1902 the first paper mill made Adolf Glogner and Konrad Methner joined their own groundwoods mill into the one Company. Production started at firt quarter of 1903.

     After the 1st World War paper mill in Głuchołazy was the one of the bigest producers of printing paper on Salesia. In 1927 it was recovered into the Limited Partnership.


     After the year 1929 the period of stagnation began and lasted untill the second half of the 1930s. The production of printing paper and grinder began.

     In period of 1939-1945 was very difficult for the company. It was indebted. Due to numerous draft to the army it coused the lack of qualified staff. After taking over 12 June 1945 company by Polish authoryties from the soviet authporyties nationalization and giveing it under central management turned out to be necessary.

     Since February 1946 supervision over the company was exercised by army authoryties and central management of paper industry. In mach 1948 the Minister of Indusrty and Trade appointed GZP which also managed the companies in Bodzanów, Rudawa and Oława.

     In July 1991 from the company GZP – a atate enterprise was separeted as independent units – companies in Rudawa and Oława and in 01.01.1998 the company converted into a Limited Liability Company.
The shareholdes in it are the workes of the earlier liquidated comapny.

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