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     From the moment the company was taken over by the workers cooperative numerous investments bagan. The modernization of the MP1 and MP2 machines ( they produce hygenic papers ) made their work faster and become more efficient. Together are able to produce about 1100 tons each month.

    In 2002 the construction of another MP 5 machine began, which produced toilet paper. This mochine was activated in June 2003 and its planned efficiency is 7500 tons per month.

    Machine 3 produce reclaimed paper for farther processing ( ex: BP 3, schrenz, flutting) Efficiency of this machine is about 1200 tons per month.
In 2000 year the company got interested in production of tabacco foil for tabacco industry. After long-lasting preparations held in association with Pulp and Paper Research Insitute in Łódź in 2001 they managed to set in motion machine number 4. The efficiency of that machine is about 50 tons per month. At present the company has five paper’s machine.

    GZP Sp. Z o.o. is able to produce 2700 tons of paper per month. For the above- mentioned production about 3300 tons of maculature is used per month. Industrial plant owns its department in Niedomice, near to the Tarnów, in which a hygienic paper is processed in amout 1000 tons per year. GZP Sp z o.o. belong to a spare group of Polish paper industry plants, which its develope began by our own technical and intelectual potential.

    Industy exports to the markets of Hungary, Slovakia and Chech Republic. GZP Sp. Z o.o. employs 350 employes ( from thet number 250 employes work for GZP and another 100 persons work for companies works for GZP) GZP is the bigest employer in Głuchołazy.

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